Heat Seekers

Category PicturesThe American trend of loving and desiring spicy food has excelled. The trend has become significant and we are dedicating ourselves to find and create heat products with wonderful traditional flavors yet having peppers with scoville ratings from 450,000 to multi-millions. If you are looking for that hot sauce that will make you sweat, tear up, gasp for air while your brain is saying pain, pain, pain, we have items for you! Check out our products and come join the party! Enjoy!

Bloody Mary Mix

This mix is a spicy and flavorful mix that rivals any other you have tasted. You can mix it with Vodka, Tequila or even some white lightning.

Price: €7.89


Dare Ya

This hot sauce has a nice fruity flavor when it hits your taste buds but then the heat starts to build depending your taste buds. This is a heat seekers dream. This hot sauce comes in at 1.2 million on the scoville scale.

Price: €7.89


Habanero Butter

This butter is 98% habaneros with vinegar, sugar, water, salt, flour (contains wheat). It is excellent for cooking and taking foods to a Cajun or more level. The taste is excellent. A heat seekers dream. Mixes well with mayonnaise, sour cream and cream cheese making great spreads and dips.

Price: €7.89


Habanero Garlic Salsa

This item is designed to make your mouth say “WOW”. It is a blend of fresh ripened tomatoes, garlic and spices accented by the unique taste of the habanero pepper. It is spicy and is fantastic as a dip or as a side condiment.

Price: €6.31


Hot Pepper Jam

This item is much like the sweet pepper jam with just a little kick. We combine all the same ingredients of sweet pepper and just add some habaneros to give it some heat. This leaves you with a mouth full of sweet and hot flavors that keeps you wanting more. Its great with biscuits, bagels, toast and poured over a block of cream cheese. Works well with pork and chicken as a glaze or condiment.

Price: €7.10


Mild Bloody Mary Dill Spears

The name of this pickle might confuse you. It does not taste like a bloody mary, its just simply a dill pickle spear. You can put it in a bloody mary as a garnish or a stir stick.

Price: €6.31


Mother's Fury Salsa

(HEAT SEEKER) This item is for those desiring a salsa with great flavors accented with garlic and infused with habaneros and ghost peppers (bhut jolokia). For those who truly like it HOT!

Price: €7.10


Spicy Bev's Bourbon BBQ Sauce

This is a wonderful Spicy BBQ sauce that uses allot of the basic BBQ spices. We added bourbon to the recipe to expand the flavor profile. This BBQ sauce has a good thick consistency with a touch of sweet onions. Its not only great with pork & chicken but also works as a sauce or dip for your shrimp, fish, crab or any other seafood item.

Price: €6.31