Heat Seekers

Category PicturesThe American trend of loving and desiring spicy food has excelled. The trend has become significant and we are dedicating ourselves to find and create heat products with wonderful traditional flavors yet having peppers with scoville ratings from 450,000 to multi-millions. If you are looking for that hot sauce that will make you sweat, tear up, gasp for air while your brain is saying pain, pain, pain, we have items for you! Check out our products and come join the party! Enjoy!

Bloody Mary Mix

This mix is a spicy and flavorful mix that rivals any other you have tasted. You can mix it with Vodka, Tequila or even some white lightning.

Price: €7.89


Spicy Bev's Bourbon BBQ Sauce

This is a wonderful Spicy BBQ sauce that uses allot of the basic BBQ spices. We added bourbon to the recipe to expand the flavor profile. This BBQ sauce has a good thick consistency with a touch of sweet onions. Its not only great with pork & chicken but also works as a sauce or dip for your shrimp, fish, crab or any other seafood item.

Price: €6.31