Sauces, Dressings, and Dips

Bourbon Apple BBQ Sauce

This item balances well with the bourbon, apples and brown sugar to deliver a wonderful tasting BBQ sauce.

Price: €6.31


Chop & Steak Sauce

This item is a sauce that is good with any meat whether its chicken, pork or beef. The spices are designed to bring out the very best flavor of any kind of meat. It is a gourmet sauce that you would expect to find at any country club or fine restaurant.

Price: €7.10


BLT Dressing

This item is a gourmet dressing which uses the wonderful flavors of smoking tomatoes and rolls it into a dressing that will compliment any vegetable for dipping and great on a salad. (Formerly Smoky Tomato Dressing)

Price: €6.31


Spicy Bev's Bourbon BBQ Sauce

This is a wonderful Spicy BBQ sauce that uses allot of the basic BBQ spices. We added bourbon to the recipe to expand the flavor profile. This BBQ sauce has a good thick consistency with a touch of sweet onions. Its not only great with pork & chicken but also works as a sauce or dip for your shrimp, fish, crab or any other seafood item.

Price: €6.31