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Blackberry Bourbon Jam

This item is a wonderful combination of two item that are big in Kentucky. Blackberries and Bourbon. Blackberries are the state fruit and Bourbon is the state drink. We like to call this Kentucky in a jar. This is wonderful with biscuits, toast, bagels and poured over a block of cream cheese. (This item contains seeds)

Price: €6.31


Blackberry Honey

Price: €7.89


Bloody Mary Mix

This mix is a spicy and flavorful mix that rivals any other you have tasted. You can mix it with Vodka, Tequila or even some white lightning.

Price: €7.89


BLT Dressing

This item is a gourmet dressing which uses the wonderful flavors of smoking tomatoes and rolls it into a dressing that will compliment any vegetable for dipping and great on a salad. (Formerly Smoky Tomato Dressing)

Price: €6.31


Bourbon Apple BBQ Sauce

This item balances well with the bourbon, apples and brown sugar to deliver a wonderful tasting BBQ sauce.

Price: €6.31


Chipotle Salsa

This item is an original blend of rich bold flavors with a nice medium heat. This salsa is best described as a party in a jar. Perfect for dipping with tortilla chips or developing as a condiment with other main dishes.

Price: €6.31


Chop & Steak Sauce

This item is a sauce that is good with any meat whether its chicken, pork or beef. The spices are designed to bring out the very best flavor of any kind of meat. It is a gourmet sauce that you would expect to find at any country club or fine restaurant.

Price: €7.10


Chow Chow

This is a southern condiment that dates back to the 1800s. it is a pickled relish made from vegetables. Some use green tomatoes but we use cabbage and onions with some red bell peppers. Although this is traditionally a southern relish it has been known to also be found in Pennsylvania. This can be used on hot dogs, po;ish sausages, bratwurst, put in pinto beans and great with sandwiches.

Price: €6.31