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Peach Bourbon jam

The sweet taste of peach, bourbon and sugars are the perfect compliment to any biscuit, piece of toast or with bagels. Also, good over a block of cream cheese. This jam is a perfect way to start your day.

Price: €6.31


Peach Mango Salsa

This item, presents ripened tomatoes and fruity mango mingled with all natural spices to give a full flavored salsa. Perfect for dipping with tortilla chips or developing as a condiment with other main dishes.

Price: €6.31


Salsa For Sissies

This item is for those who can stand NO heat. It is freshly ripened tomatoes and vegetables with complementing spices. We made it as mild as we could and still live with ourselves!

Price: €6.31


Spicy Bev's Bourbon BBQ Sauce

This is a wonderful Spicy BBQ sauce that uses allot of the basic BBQ spices. We added bourbon to the recipe to expand the flavor profile. This BBQ sauce has a good thick consistency with a touch of sweet onions. Its not only great with pork & chicken but also works as a sauce or dip for your shrimp, fish, crab or any other seafood item.

Price: €6.31


Spicy Pickled Beets

This recipe comes to us from many years ago by elder family members who perfected the art of producing this wonderful item. The texture is a combination of soft and firm the taste of the beet is not overcome by the flavor of the pickling water. It is a perfect match that enhance the flavor of the beet. If you like beets you will be in heaven! These beets have just a little hint of heat. The heat is certainly not offensive.

Price: €6.31


Spicy Pickles

This item is a wonderful pickle with a combination of flavors. This pickle has a good sweet bread and butter flavor on the front end with a dill and spicy finish.

Price: €6.31


Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

No jam has a longer history in southern cuisine than Strawberry Rhubarb. This is an old time recipe that has a good sweet taste from the strawberries combined with a little tart flavor from the rhubarb creating a wonderful flavored jam.

Price: €6.31


Sweet Pepper Jam

This item is made from a variety of peppers, sugar, carrots and pectin. We use sweet bell peppers that are red, yellow, green and sometimes orange. Combining all these ingredients give you a wonderful mouth full of sweet flavors. It’s great with biscuits, bagels, toast and poured over a block of cream cheese. Works well with pork and chicken as a glaze or condiment.

Price: €7.10