Woodford Reserve Bourbon Candies

Woodford Reserve is the top of the line Bourbon made in Kentucky. 98% of the world's Bourbon is made right here in the Bluegrass State! Woodford Reserve has made a name for themselves for their smooth tatsing Bourbon, but now they have adopted a great Kentucky tradition.....Bourbon Balls and Bourbon Cadies using Woodford Reserve Bourbon! These Bourbon Candies are very decadent and delicious with every bite! Bourbon Balls are very unique to Kentucky. These decadent bourbon confections made their debut in the early 1900's. When you pair the Woodford Reserve Bourbon with the chocolate, vanilla, coffee and nutmeg they all blend beautifully on the palette making them the perfect combination!

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Balls 16oz

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Balls 16oz box contains 32 pieces of bourbon balls.

Price: €27.61


Woodford Reserve Bourbon Balls 8oz.

Woodford Reserve Bourbon balls 8oz box contains 16 pieces of bourbon balls.

Price: €15.76